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PHP Script for ClickBank Affiliates. Display ClickBank marketplace listings on your website.

PHP Script for ClickBank Mall & Text Ads

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    What is ClickBank's Affiliate Program?

    ClickBank is a retailer of thousands of products delivered over the Internet (software downloads, eBooks, etc.).
  • They provide a low-cost capability for product-developers ("vendors") to sell their products on the Internet.
  • They provide a free affiliate opportunity for webmasters.

    When you join as an affiliate, you place specially coded links on your web site, and when a visitor clicks-thru and buys something from vendor, you earn a commission.

    We love ClickBank's affiliate program, because:
  • It's free
  • There are thousands of products to choose from
  • You can earn 30%, 40%, 50%, 60% or even 75% commission on each sale

    In fact, we love ClickBank's affiliate program so much, that we have built our own MarketingRocket affiliate program on top of it:
  • It's free
  • A wide range of Internet marketing and other products
  • Provides banners, graphics, and text links that lead directly to the product sales pages.
  • ClickBank Mall, Search Engine & Text Ads PHP Script:

    Helping Affiliates Get More From ClickBank

    Just like you, and many other web businesses, we participate in ClickBank's affiliate program...

    We love the fact that ClickBank offers so many different products. We love the fact that we're linking to a highly reputable and popular site. And, most of all, we love the fact that we can earn commissions (big commissions) when one of our web site visitors clicks-thru from our site and buys products thru ClickBank!

    We are very extremely happy with ClickBank's affiliate program, but even so, there are some things that we wished had a better answer to:
    • It takes time and effort to find relevant ClickBank products and link them into our web site's pages. If, like us, you have a lot of web pages, this can be a lot time and effort that could be better spent on updating your site, adding content, or web site promotion.

    • It's a never-ending chore to keep your ClickBank links up to date.

      While it's great that ClickBank is always gaining new product vendors, and the vendors are frequently updating their products, it could create a major headache to make sure all the links are current.

    • We'd like for people to be able to search ClickBank products without leaving our site.
    If only we could somehow overcome these challenges...

    The good news is that we have a solution. And the best news is that, if you want it, we'll share it with you.

    Introducing CBRocket

    Our solution is CBRocket which is a powerful, and extremely flexible PHP script that we wrote to solve these challenges, and do a lot more besides:

    Some of the advantages of using CBRocket include:
    • Download all ClickBank listings from the ClickBank marketplace to a database on your site by simply clicking a link.

    • ClickBank listings on your site are automatically updated, whenever you click the download link.

    • Locates relevant ClickBank products and plugs the links into your pages

    • Can display targeted combinations of different current ClickBank products in your pages.

    • Visitors can search ClickBank products without leaving your site.

    • You can configure the style and appearance to suit your needs.

    • Can be plugged into existing PHP, HTML, SHTML, CGI, and ASP pages with ease1.

    • Supports a variety of integration methods into your web site:

      Much more detailed instructions, plus working examples of each of the different types of integration, are included in the package.

    • Can encode your links, so visitors can't see your affiliate ID by doing View Source.

    • You get all the affiliate revenue - every single ClickBank link generated by CBRocket is tagged with your ClickBank affiliate ID ("nickname").
    Keep 100% of the Affiliate Revenue Generated

    If you've been looking around the Internet, you may have come across some "solutions" which promise a "free" ClickBank mall or ad-service.

    One thing that these services may not mention, or at least not draw attention to, is that while these "free" may not ask for money upfront, they can cost you in another way...

    ...The way that many of these "free" services are funded is by taking a proportion of the affiliate links and the revenue that they generate. So, instead of these links being coded with your ClickBank affiliate ID, and earning money for you - they are in fact coded with somebody else's ClickBank affiliate ID and earning money for them!

    Think about it for a moment: If half your links are earning money for somebody else, the more visitors you to get your site, the more money you are losing! I don't know about you, but I consider that a very expensive kind of "free"!

    So what about CBRocket?

    Unlike some of our competitors, with CBRocket, every single ClickBank link is coded with your ClickBank affiliate ID, and every single link can earn money for you. You keep 100% of the revenue generated from your ClickBank links!

    High Quality Search Results

    We've already described how CBRecord will allow you to add highly targeted text ads to your web pages, and how it will allow your visitors to search ClickBank without leaving your site.

    If you've come across similiar scripts in the past, you're probably wondering just how good are CBRocket's search results?

    CBRocket includes some sophisticated technology for producing high quality search results:
    • CBRocket ignores "noise" words:

      For example, if one of your visitors were to type-in "php script for autoresponder":
      • Many of our competitors would not count as a match a site which was entitled "php autoresponder script", because it did not contain the word "for".
      • ...But CBRocket would find this site!

    • CBRocket handles most plural words:

      For example, if one of your visitors were to type-in "publishing ebooks":
      • Many of our competitors would not count as a match a site which was entitled "publishing an ebook", because it did not contain the plural of the word "ebooks".
      • ...But CBRocket would find this site!

    • CBRocket handles many common variations:

      For example, if one of your visitors were to type-in "ezine hosts":
      • Many of our competitors would not count as a match a site which was entitled "e-zine hosting", because it did not contain the non-hyphenated version "ezine", and because it contained "hosting" instead of "hosts"
      • ...But CBRocket would find this site!

    • CBRocket sorts the results for relevance:

      What happens one of your visitors did a search and find 50, 100 or even several hundred matches?
      • Many of our competitors would display the results in a more or less random order.
      • ...But CBRocket would sort the results so that the best matches are shown first in the results. (It does this automatically using a whole range of clever tricks).

    Why is this important?

    Think about it for a moment: The whole point of showing search results on your site, is you want visitors to click on these results, buy the products, and earn you affiliate commissions. But, unless your visitors get lots of relevant and useful results, they aren't going to be too likely to click, buy or earn you commissions.

    In short, we believe (and we think that you will agree) that CBRocket produces better quality search results than any of our competitors (most of which cost considerably more). Try our live demonstration, and see for yourself.

    Targeted Text Ads

    As well as display search results from ClickBank, CBRocket also includes two powerful features for display highly targeted text ads.
    • Mini-Links are text ads, which display products from ClickBank marketplace.

      • You can pick the keywords (by which products to display are selected) for each mini-link.
      • You can fully configure their appearance (colors, fonts, number of text ads, size, etc.).
      • Can be integrated into PHP, ASP, HTML, etc. web pages1.

    • Auto Mini-Links are also text ads, which display products from ClickBank marketplace.

      • Auto Mini-Links select keywords based on the containing page's TITLE tag (ideal for showing targeted text ads on most discussion forum scripts, or adding ads to a lot of web pages quickly).
      • You can fully configure their appearance (colors, fonts, number of text ads, size, etc.).
      • Can be integrated into PHP, ASP, HTML, etc. web pages2.
    Filter Your ClickBank Data

    CBRocket also now includes a feature that allows you to filter out product listings from ClickBank's results, based on keywords that you specify.

    Why would you want to do that?

    Although ClickBank contains many excellent products, there may be some products that you feel are inappropriate for your site.

    For example:
    • There might be some products that you consider unsuitable for your audience. For example, in site that is principally aimed at families, you might not wish to list products relating to nude photography, or improving your casino and gambling skills.

    • Many affiliate programs and advertising programs have restrictions on what type of content may appear on the same site as their ads. For example, you may not be allowed to put gambling ads on your web site. For this reason, you wouldn't want CBRocket to display ClickBank products related to gambling, betting, casinos, poker, roulette, etc.
    So how does this feature work?

    First you set up a list of keywords describing products that you wish to filter out. And, from then on, whenever you retrieve the latest ClickBank data (by clicking a link in the admin screen of CBRocket), any products which contain any of these keywords will be automatically removed from your copy of the ClickBank marketplace.

    Example: if you set this parameter to "casino,roulette,poker,horse racing,bet,bets,betting,gambling" it would filter out any ClickBank products which contained any of these gambling terms in their title or description.

    If you ever want to narrow or widen the criteria, you can simply change the list of keywords, and click the retrieval link (in the CBRocket admin screen) to update your copy of the ClickBank marketplace. It really is that easy.

    Also Supports MarketingRocket

    Our own MarketingRocket affiliate program is powered by ClickBank.

    All the CBRocket functions described previously also work with MarketingRocket (in fact it does it automatically you don't need to do a thing).

    But for MarketingRocket products, CBRocket can also:
    • Display box/cover images in the search results (you can turn this off if you want)

    • Display current prices in the search results (you can turn this off if you want)

    • Link to directly to the sales page for the applicable product

    Live Demonstration: See It In Action

    Want to see a live demonstration of (some of) what CBRocket can do?

    Click here and I'll show you (the demonstration will open in a new window, so you don't lose your place).

    Compatible With Virtually All Web Hosting Companies

    CBRocket is compatible with hosting service provided by virtually all web hosting companies.

    The system requirements are:
    • PHP version 4.3 or later (PHP 5 compatible)

    • MySQL database

    • If you want the script to be able to automatically download marketplace data from ClickBank, with a click of the mouse.

      • Your webhost must have configured PHP so it can retrieve data from external websites using any one of these methods: fopen, file_get_contents, or CURL. Most hosting companies do allow this - but you should ask your webhosting company, if unsure.

      • If your hosting company does not allow this, you can still use CBRocket but you will have to manually transfer a copy of the ClickBank marketplace ZIP file to your webhost (for example by uploading the file to your web host using an FTP program).
    One Important Proviso About CBRocket

    As previously mentioned, CBRocket retrieves product listings automatically from the ClickBank marketplace (and XML data from MarketingRocket). Consequently, CBRocket does depend on the design of ClickBank (amd MarketingRocket's) datafeeds.

    Unlike some of our competitors, we obtain this data only use the documented and supported features provided within ClickBank's official datafeed. Moreover we have designed CBRocket so it can automatically accommodate small changes to ClickBank's feed, should they decide to make changes in future.

    However, if ClickBank were to radically redesign their datafeed (or withdraw this service completely), CBRocket might no longer be able to retrieve data from ClickBank. If this were to occur, you would no longer be able to retrieve updated product information from ClickBank (however your site would be able to continue to operate with the data already retrieved).

    To Summarize: Reasons To Choose CBRocket

    To summarize, here are the 10 reasons why you should choose CBRocket to help you with your ClickBank affiliate marketing needs:
    1. CBRocket allows visitors to search ClickBank without leaving your site.

    2. CBRocket provides highly targeted ClickBank Text Ads.

    3. CBRocket let's you keep all the affiliate revenue - every single ClickBank link generated by CBRocket is tagged with your ClickBank affiliate ID ("nickname").

    4. CBRocket allows you to filter out unwanted or inappropriate ClickBank product listings.

    5. CBRocket retrieves the latest ClickBank and MarketingRocket data, at the click of a button.

    6. CBRocket provides an incredible a flexible range of integration and configuration options.

    7. CBRocket comes with full documentation including detailed instructions, installation instructions, and coverage of all features of the software.

    8. CBRocket is compatible with most web hosts.

    9. CBRocket is available for immediate download.

    10. And finally, CBRocket is incredibly cheap.

    About The Author

    Sunil Tanna is a software developer and author who, through his company, Answers 2000, has been a ClickBank vendor and affiliate for over 14 years.

    Available For Immediate Download

    Order now, and you can get all the CBRocket script, including full instructions for just US $49.95 (plus Sales Tax if you are a resident of an applicable US location, or plus VAT if you a resident of a European Union country - see Note at the bottom of this page - UK price including VAT is US $59.94 - Sterling prices will vary depending on exchange rates)

    (Or alternatively, you can get an incredible special package deal price on this and other great PHP scripts for your website).

    The US $49.95 (UK price including VAT is US $59.94) entitles you to use the script on as many of your own web sites as you like. (You may not pass copies of the script on to other webmasters - and if you are a web designer creating websites for your customers, you must purchase a license for each customer)

    Please note:
    1. This low price does not include any installation services. If you need us to install a script for you, please contact us via e-mail to make arrangements.
    2. The CBRocket package is delivered in a ZIP file, so you can unpack it immediately on your computer. Within the ZIP file is a README file containing instructions (including how to install the script on your web host), a copy of the licensing agreement, and the CBRocket script itself.
    3. You have read, understood and agreed to the section above entitled One Important Proviso.
    You can pay using most major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, or using PayPal.

    Please Note:
    We are the authors and developers of CBRocket,
    which is exclusive to our company, and not available from anybody else.

    1Non-PHP pages require a JavaScript enabled browser. The exact number of lines of code are required to integrate CBRocket into your pages, depends on what method(s) of integration you choose. In some cases it can be one line, in other cases, it might be more. We believe, in most cases, it should be just a few lines.

    2Requires a JavaScript enabled browser.

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