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    Important Notes
    1. If you are not already a member of our affiliate program, please read this page for information about how and why to join.

    2. Before placing links on your web site or otherwise participating in our affiliate program, please read and review our Affiliate Guidelines. (Your participation in our affiliate program is conditional upon complying with these guidelines).

    3. We also offer many other products aimed at ClickBank vendors and affiliates that you can promote and earn commissions on.

    Promoting Your Affiliate Link

    Once you have got your affiliate link, you will be looking for ideas to promote, remember the more people who see and click your link - especially if they are people who have expressed an interest in the types of issues that our products address - the more money you can make.

    Below are some ideas to get you started.

    Text Links & Reviews

    Text links are probably one of the most effective ways to link to our site. You can use any honest and appropriate wording that you like for the link, but you will probably find text links are most effective if you tell the customer why you think they will find our products interesting. You could, for example, write a brief review of our products, or make a personal recommendation based on your own experiences.

    Banners and Other Kinds Of Ads...

    Please see our master list of our affiliate products to get linking codes for any of our affiliate products (there are lots to choose from), and the latest suggesting advertising codes, include banners, text links, and HTML content.

    You are also welcome to create your own banner advertisements if you wish to. If you don't know how to create a banner, but want to, take a look at these software links:
    Ideas for Promoting

    Here are some ideas that might help you to get more traffic and more sales:
    • Build your web site

      Build your own web site, containing lots of useful information (to attract visitors), and place your affiliate links on your site. For best results, you want to get lots of people ("traffic") to visit your site:

    • Write Articles

      You can write articles and submit them to free at places like and many other article directories. Each article contains either your affiliate link (although not all article directories allow it), or a link back to your website where you promote your affiliate link.

      You can manually submit to individual article directories for free, or you can use software like Article Submitter (reviewed here) to submit to dozens of article directories.

      You can also ask ezines (other people's opt-in email newsletters) and blogs whether they might be willing to publish one of your articles accompanied by you link.

    • Advertise your Affiliate Link

      If you don't want to bother with creating a web site, you can still be an affiliate.


    Your Comments

    Please share your comments on this page:

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