PHP Script for ClickBank vendors to guard your thank you pages and downloads from from pirates - easier and simpler than DLGuard or EasyClickGuard
CB Thank You Page Protector is a PHP script that allows you to protect your thank you pages and downloads from from pirates, send customized emails to your ClickBank customers, and more

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    Protect Your ClickBank Thank You Pages and Downloads

    Stop Pirates in Their Tracks, Boost Sales, Reduce Refunds & Charge-backs, & More

    ClickBank offers a very powerful system for selling your own downloadable products such as eBooks, software, or downloadable audio or video material. ClickBank as a vendor, and this allows you to sell one, two, or even hundreds of your own products.

    In your ClickBank account, for each different product that you offer for sale, you must designate a "thank you page". This is the page that the customer is sent to after purchasing, from which the customer can download the product that they bought.

    While this works very well, the typical use of this system does raise some security concerns. In particular, you may unscrupulous people share your thank you pages and download links without authorization - and this can cost you sales!

    Is Piracy Costing You Money?

    Don't believe people who tell you not to worry about piracy - while it is true that there are some hardcore pirates and blackhats who will never pay - it is also true that there are many people who would pay if they can't a "free" pirate copy!

    So what are the security problems that you need to be concerned about?

    PROBLEM #1: You only need one unscrupulous person to share the URL address of your thankyou page, and then anybody who obtains that information can go directly to the page, and download your product without paying!
    PROBLEM #2: It is even possible for search engines to index your thank you page - this means that people who have never even seen your main site and sales pitch, let alone paid for your product, might end-up going directly from the search-results to your thank you page, and then to downloading your product!

    You may have heard that it is possible to use metatags to tell search engines not to index the page. Unfortunately, this is not really a complete solution, as not all search engines take notice of them!
    PROBLEM #3: The individual downloadable files that your thank you page links to (ZIPs, PDFs, EXEs, MP3s, etc.) are all required to be in a public folder on your website - and the links to these files are not even secret! This means that your products can be directly downloaded by people directly copy/pasting or typing in the URL, without paying, (example: typing something like "").
    Finally, a Simple Solution to Protecting ClickBank Thank You Pages & Downloads!

    CB Thank You Protector addresses all these concerns, as well as providing additional features to help you with the ClickBank sales process, improve communication with your customers, and help you reduce charge-backs & refunds:

    SOLUTION #1: The URL address of the thank you page is different for every individual customer. Moreover, each individual customer's Thank You page expires after a short time, can only be loaded into a browser a limited number of times, and by a limited number of computer IP addresses (IP addresses identify computers on the internet) - you can choose the precise limits to suit your needs.

    This stops pirates cold. Once the time and access limits are reached, anybody attempting to access the page sees a blocked message (which you can customize too).
    SOLUTION #2: Since thank you pages expire after a short time, even a search engine were to somehow miraculously index your page in that tiny interval, anybody subsequently coming to your page will be sent to the blocked page message, not the actual thank you page.
    SOLUTION #3: CB Thank You Protector protects your downloads. The script use a special "magic" linking format that only works inside thank you pages, and is protected against abuse (it expires and is IP address limited). If pirates try to share these URLs, the recipient simply receives an error/warning message rather than the download.

    And there's more: If your web host allows you to place files in non-public directories (most web hosting companies do), then these "magic" links can even handle these files: making it absolutely impossible for people to access the downloads on your website, except via your thank you pages!
    Improve Customer Communication, Reduce Refunds & Charge-Backs...

    If this extra security and peace of mind isn't enough of a reason to use CB Thank You Protector, there is more:
    • CB Thank You Protector allows you to design your Thank You pages exactly as you want - you can use any HTML elements that you like (some of our competitors require that you use a Thank You page that they've designed).

    • CB Thank You Protector can automatically insert custom information into your Thank You pages, such as the date/time of a sale, the receipt number, the customer's name, etc. This can help reduce refunds and chargebacks, by reassuring the customer, and giving them relevant reference information if they print-out the Thank You page (many customers do).

    • CB Thank You Protector can send thank you email messages to your customers. These email messages can be fully customized - you can change the text to suit your requirements, and you can even insert information such as the date/time of sale, receipt number, customer name, etc., anywhere within the messages.

      • This can help reduce refunds and chargebacks - by reminding the customer of details of the purchase, by reassuring them that you will help them in case of problems, and by simply making it easier for them to contact you.

      • It's also a great way to start building relationships with your customers - and to increase your sales by telling them about your other products

    • CB Thank You Protector can send a sales notification email to an address of your choice after each purchase. Again this can be fully customized, and again it can contain customer-specific information. You can use these emails to notify you or your support staff of sales, or you can use them to interface with other third party systems that can automatically process incoming emails (for example: some autoresponders and customer service systems can be interfaced in this way).

    Video Demo:

    Compatible With Virtually All Web Hosting Companies

    This script is compatible with hosting service provided by virtually all web hosting companies.

    You will be able to run all these scripts provided your web host provides the following capabilities:
    • PHP version 4 or 5
    • PHP's email send capabilities must be enabled if you wish to use the email features of this script

    Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
    Guaranteed for 60 Days ClickBank is the retailer of this product: The ClickBank Guarantee guarantees your purchase for 60 days from the date of purchase.

    If this product does not perform as promised, or if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 60 days of the date of purchase. If we are unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, we will ask ClickBank to arrange a refund of the full purchase price of the product.

    Here is the full text of our refund policy.

    About The Author

    Sunil Tanna is a software developer and author who, through his company, Answers 2000, has been a ClickBank vendor and affiliate for over 15 years.

    Available For Immediate Download

    Order now, and you can get this script, including full instructions for just US $49.95 (plus Sales Tax if you are a resident of an applicable US location, or plus VAT if you a resident of a European Union country - see Note at the bottom of this page - UK price including VAT is US $59.94 - Sterling prices will vary depending on exchange rates)

    (Or alternatively, you can get an incredible special package deal price on this and other great PHP scripts for your website).

    The US $49.95 price (UK price including VAT is US $59.94) entitles you to use the script on as many of your own web sites as you like. (You may not pass copies of the script on to other webmasters - and if you are a web designer creating websites for your customers, you must purchase a license for each customer)

    Please note:
    1. This low price does not include any installation services. If you need us to install the script for you, please contact us via e-mail to make arrangements.
    2. The package is delivered as a ZIP file, so you can unpack it immediately on your computer. Within the ZIP file is a README file containing instructions (including how to install the script on your web host), a copy of the licensing agreement, and the script itself.
    You can pay using most major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, or using PayPal.

    Please Note:
    We are the authors and developers of this product,
    which is exclusive to our company, and not available from anybody else.


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