PHP Email Form Script - Forms Processor -secure alternative to formmail
PHP Script for form processing. Collect feedback or other data from visitors. PHP alternative to formmail.

PHP Script for Email Forms Processing

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    PHP Email Forms Processor Script - secure alternative to formmail

    Email Form Processor PHP Script:

    The Perfect Way to Collect Information from Web Site Visitors

    You post your email address on your site so your web site visitors and customers can contact you... and what happens?

    Yes you will be contacted, but you will find that very often people forget to include vital information in their emails to you... for example:
    • You may receive an email from asking you to telephone a person urgently - but then you can find that the person didn't include their phone number (and some people forget to even include their name!)

    • or you may receive an email saying a customer needs help with one of your products - but they forgot to mention some or all of who they are, what the product is, or even what the problem is.
    The fact is that people are busy, some are relatively unfamiliar with computers and email, and it's very easy for them to simply forget to include some vital detail in their emails to you.

    So how can you avoid this problem?

    The Solution: Put a form on your web site with all the necessary fields, the content of the form can be validated automatically (the computer checks the user has provided the correct/required information), and then sent to you via email.

    Moreover this solution, also has the advantage that it can reduce your exposure to spam emails and spambots (which are automated software programs which scan web pages to collect email addresses for spammer's spam email lists). - since this solution means that you do not need to publish your email address on your web site.

    But how do you set up a form like that?

    Introducing Feedback Form Script

    The feedback form script allows you to place a form (or lots of different forms if you like) on your web site, which your visitors can fill out, and whatever information that they enter is then emailed to you at an email address of your choice.

    Here is an example of a Feedback Form, although your forms may include any combination of fields that you like:

    You can design your feedback form to include as many input fields as you want, and these input fields can be of whatever types you want (including text, textareas for long text comments, drop down lists, radio and check button options, and more).

    What happens when the user submits their feedback?
    Answer: It's sent to an email address of your choice.
    Here's an example:

    Now, I won't pretend that there aren't other form-to-email and formmail scripts out there, of course there are. However, many of these scripts date back many years (sometimes even to the 1990s!), and have extremely limited functionality, and are full of security holes and other problems.

    Here is why you should choose our feedback script:
    • Many formmail scripts can be subverted by spammers. These scripts have security-weaknesses or bugs (known as an "open relay") that allow spammers to use your website to send spam email to innocent people! If spammers do abuse your website in this way, then you will probably get the blame, and your web-host may even shut down your website!

      However, unlike these scripts - our script is totally secure, and it can not be subverted by spammers.
      Totally Secure

    • Many formmail scripts require that you place your personal email address in your form's HTML source code - where it can be found by spammers (using automatic software known as "spambots") and added to spam mailing lists! Before you know it, you may be getting an avalanche of spam in your inbox!

      However, our script does not require your email address in HTML source code. In fact, your email address is kept completely out-of-reach from spammers and spambots, and thus, our script prevents your email address being added to spam lists.
      Protects Your Email From Spammers

    • Spammers are a devious lot: Another tactic that they use is to fill out feedback forms on websites (using automated software) with their junk, and then submit them. If you get these types of messages, you can of course always simply delete them from your inbox - but this soon gets tiresome and annoying, plus it's time-consuming too, especially if you receive numerous junk submissions every day.

      Our feedback form script includes a special "honey pot fields" feature, that allows you to automatically direct almost all junk submissions straight to the trash, while still allowing legitimate human-made submissions to be received as normal. What's more, this works without using a captcha - which many people find annoying, and which can be troublesome for visually-impaired users. .
      Prevent Spam Submission to your Forms

    • For extra security, unlike traditional formmail scripts, our script records IP addresses and tags every form submission with the IP address of the person submitting the form.

    • Our script allows you to have multiple forms, for example, you could set up one form which allows users to report issues on your website giving the URL and other details, set up a second form which allows your sales prospects to ask questions about potential purchases, a third form for existing customers to ask technical support queries, and so on.
      As Many Different Forms As You Like

    • Our script allows your forms to have an unlimited number of fields on as many different topics or subjects as you like.
      No Limits on the Number of Fields

    • Our script includes a powerful set of form validation functions in the package. This allows you to easily setup each individual input field to be checked against your rules, so as to help users avoid making mistakes in data-entry.
      Validate whatever is entered

      • You can specify the type of data allowed in a field - for example, one field must be required to contain a telephone number, another an email address, and so on. The types of fields supported are:

        • Normal text (no validation)
        • Numbers (including decimals and negative numbers)
        • Integers (whole numbers)
        • Phone Numbers
        • Email Addresses
        • Website URLs (beginning with http://)
        • UK Postal Codes
        • US Zip Codes (including standard 5 digit and ZIP+4 codes)
        • Credit Card Numbers†
        • Credit Card Security Codes†
        • Digits only
        • Letters only
        • Lower case letters only
        • Upper case letters only
        • Digits and letters only
        • Digits and lower case letters only
        • Digits upper case letters only
        • Hexadecimal numbers
        • Hexadecimal numbers using lower case letters
        • Hexadecimal numbers using upper case letters
        • Octal (base 8) numbers
        • Binary numbers
        • HTML colors

        † - Note: We do not recommend collecting credit card information using the feedback form or via email, always use a secure server, however we have included these validation options so you can use our validation tools on your secure server pages too!

      • You can choose whether each individual field is "optional" (the user can enter data or leave it blank) or "required" (the user must enter data).

      • If you want to, you can specify the number of characters allowed in particular fields. So, for example, you can say the user must exactly 7 characters in one field, or they must enter between 5 and 9 characters in another, etc.

      • If you want to, for numerical fields, you can specify the range of allowable values. So, for example, you can say the user must enter a value of more than 10 in a certain field, or less than 500 in other, and so on.

    • If a user does make a mistake in data-entry, then our script's built-in validation functions automatically provide helpful prompts guiding users to correct their mistakes before resubmitting the form.

      Our script automatically prompts the user to correct mistakes in data-entry like this:

      and like this:

    • Our script's built-in validation functions also prevent double submit: A common problem with most email forms is if the user accidentally clicks the SUBMIT button several times in quick succession, a series of emails are sent. Our script's validation feature can automatically prevent this.

    • Our script comes with six example forms that you can either use "as is", or as working examples, or which you can use as inspiration for your form designs. The six examples are:

      1. Short Feedback Form (Demo)
      2. Long Feedback Form (Demo)
      3. Postal Address Collection Form (Demo)
      4. Short Sales Inquiry Form (Demo)
      5. Long Sales Inquiry Form (Demo)
      6. Website Problem Report Form (Demo)

    • Our script comes with a demo mode. When enabled, instead of emailing the forms, the results are simply shown on screen. Great for testing your setup, and developing new form designs.

    • Our script includes flexible and advanced configuration options - you can setup our script exactly how you want it, including:

      • Choose the email address that email messages are sent from
      • Choose the email address that email messages are sent to
      • Choose the subject line of emails
      • If the user enters a valid email address into a field on your form, you can set the script to automatically use that as a Reply-To address
      • Choose whether and how much info about the user's IP address is included in the email
      • Control the formatting and layout of emails sent to you
      • Choose the URL of the web page that users are redirected to after submitting the form
      • Choose the maximum line length in the body of email messages
      • Automatically deal with SMTP oddities of Windows email servers
      • Enable/disable the demo mode

    • And, of course, our script comes with full documentation including detailed instructions, installation instructions, and coverage of all features of the software.

    Still not convinced?

    Click here to see a live demonstration of feedback form script (this link will open in a new window).

    Compatible With Virtually All Web Hosts

    This script is compatible with hosting service provided by virtually all web hosting companies.

    You will be able to run all these scripts provided your web host provides the following capabilities:
    • PHP version 4 or 5
    • PHP's email send capabilities must be enabled

    Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
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    If this product does not perform as promised, or if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 60 days of the date of purchase. If we are unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, we will ask ClickBank to arrange a refund of the full purchase price of the product.

    Here is the full text of our refund policy.

    Available For Immediate Download

    Order now, and you can get this script, including full instructions for just US $29.95 (plus Sales Tax if you are a resident of an applicable US location, or plus VAT if you a resident of a European Union country - see Note at the bottom of this page - UK price including VAT is US $35.94 - Sterling prices will vary depending on exchange rates)

    (Or alternatively, you can get an incredible special package deal price on this and other great PHP scripts for your website).

    The US $29.95 price (UK price including VAT is US $35.94) entitles you to use the script on as many of your own web sites as you like. (You may not pass copies of the script on to other webmasters - and if you are a web designer creating websites for your customers, you must purchase a license for each customer)

    Please note:
    1. This low price does not include any installation services. If you need us to install the script for you, please contact us via e-mail to make arrangements.
    2. The package is delivered as a ZIP file, so you can unpack it immediately on your computer. Within the ZIP file is a README file containing instructions (including how to install the script on your web host), a copy of the licensing agreement, and the script itself.
    You can pay using most major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, or using PayPal.

    Please Note:
    We are the authors and developers of this product,
    which is exclusive to our company, and not available from anybody else.


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