PHP Poll Script - easy to use code for your own web voting polls and surveys
Run as many polls as you want with this ease to use PHP script

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    An Example Poll
    What is your favorite sport?
    Another Example Poll
    Which is the best sci-fi franchise?

    Another Example Poll
    What is your favorite programming language?
    More Example Polls
    Create Your Own Web Site Polls With Ease!

    Have you seen voting polls on leading web sites? (in the unlikely event that you haven't, there are some example to the right).

    Fantastic aren't they? Not only can they be fun, but they can be useful too...
    • Run a content site? A good poll question can be entertaining for your visitors, and encourage your visitors to return to see the results...

      A controversial or topical question may even get your visitors encouraging their friends to visit your site so they can vote too!

      (And of course all those repeat visitors and extra visitors means more advertising revenue for you).

    • Run a forum or discussion board? Polls can often trigger lively discussions.

      (Again, more page-views, means increased advertising revenue for you).

    • Run a sales-orientated site? I bet there are one or two questions that you'd like your visitors opinion on...

    • Need content? Need a news story? Run a poll on your site, collect information about visitors think, and you have an interesting topic about which you can write an article or news story.

    But here's the thing...

    If you want to maximize the benefits of running web polls, you can't make do with just any old set of polls There are certain things that are just essential:
    • You'll want to run the poll on your own web site (there's no point getting people to visit somebody else's web site, and see somebody else's banner ads, in order to participate in your poll).

    • You'll want to be able to create new polls whenever you need them, and with ease.

    • You'll want to be able to run more than one poll at the same time.

    • You'll want to be able to include the voting forms in your existing web pages.

    • You'll want your polls to include precautions against a single person voting more than once.

    • You'll want to be able to display the results of polls in a nice clear format, ideally as beautiful graphic images, in web pages of your own design.

    So how do you get all this?

    The good news: There is an answer...

    Introducing our Poll Script

    Answers 2000's Poll script is an easy method to run your own web polls.

    The script includes many powerful features, including:
    • You can create an unlimited number of polls.

    • Each poll includes a question, and up to 10 possible responses.

    • You can incorporate voting forms for your polls into as many web-pages and websites as you wish.

    • You can choose size, colors, fonts, and other aspects of appearance of your poll voting forms.

    • Voting forms can be designed so that users to choose between responses, either by using radio buttons, or by using a dropdown list.

      Example Poll Voting Forms:

      What is your favorite programming language?
      What is your favorite sport?

    • Built-in anti-cheating mechanism to prevent people "vote stuffing" (trying to vote more than once). Multiple votes are prevented using both IP address tracking, and cookies.

    • After voting, users are sent to a web-page of your choice (by default, a results page, showing the voting totals in the poll, but it can be any web-page that you like).

    • Results web-page is full customizable, and can include a bar chart, a pie chart, or a bar chart and pie chart of the results.

    • You can also incorporate results bar charts, pie charts, and bar/pie chart combinations into existing web pages.

    • All bar and pie charts (including those in the results web-page, and any you incorporate in other web-pages) are full customizable.

      Some of the options that you can customize include:

      • Whether to show a bar chart, a pie chart, or both a bar chart and pie chart

      • Chart Size - Choose the height and width of your chart

      • Key Location - Whether to show the key on the right, left, top or bottom

      • Chart Background Color

      • Chart Line/Text Color

      • Response Color Scheme - Whether to use bright colors, dark colors, pastel colors, reds, greens, blues... for drawing charts

      • Responses Order - Whether to display responses in the order they appear in the voting form, most popular first, or least popular first

      • Whether to show votes on the key

      • Whether to show percentage of votes on the key

      Here are some pictures of example charts:

      PHP Poll Script - Example Bar and Pie Charts

      PHP Poll Script - Example Bar Chart

      PHP Poll Script - Example Pie Chart

    • Powerful range of administration features for managing your polls.

      • All administration features are password protected.

      • For additional security you can also (optionally) restrict access to the administration functions to a computer with a specific IP address (useful if you have a fixed IP address on your network or broadband connection).

      • The administration screen automatically tells you if a new version of the script is available, and gives you a download link to upgrade.

      • Initial creation of poll MySQL database tables with a click

      • Create a new poll - in seconds - just choose a codeword ("Poll ID") to identify the poll, and then enter a question, and up to 10 possible responses.

        Click on image to view it at a larger size:
        Poll Administration - Create a new poll

      • View/Manage all your polls - shows you a list of your polls sorted by Poll ID, creation date, whether locked/unlock, poll question, or total votes. Simply click on the Poll ID of any individual poll to manage it (see below).

        Click on image to view it at a larger size:
        Poll Administration - View/manage polls

      • Manage any individual poll - see results so far, and access a range of management tools.

        Click on image to view it at a larger size:
        Poll Administration - Managing a poll

      • Get the HTML code for poll voting forms with a click of a mouse - easy-to-use screens let you customize colors, fonts, appearance settings, etc., and preview them, before retrieving your HTML code.

        Click on image to view it at a larger size:
        Poll Administration - Get HTML code for voting form

        Click on image to view it at a larger size:
        Poll Administration - Modify appearance of voting form

      • Get the HTML code for showing poll results as a bar chart, pie chart, bar and pie chart, or on the results page - easy-to-use screens let you customize colors, fonts, appearance settings, etc., and preview them, before retrieving your HTML code.

        Click on image to view it at a larger size:
        Poll Administration - Get HTML code for results display

        Click on image to view it at a larger size:
        Poll Administration - Modify appearance of results display

      • Lock or Unlock a Poll - When a poll is locked, no further votes will be counted until the poll is unlocked again.

      • Modify Vote Counts - Adjust total votes for any poll.

        Click on image to view it at a larger size:
        Poll Administration - Modify vote counts

      • Reset Vote Counts - Reset votes in a poll back to zero.

      • Delete a Poll - deleted polls that are unwanted or no longer in use.

    Still not convinced?

    Click here to see a live demonstration of poll script (this link will open in a new window).

    Compatible With Virtually All Web Hosting Companies

    This script is compatible with hosting service provided by virtually all web hosting companies.

    You will be able to run all these scripts provided your web host provides the following capabilities:
    • PHP version 4 or 5
    • MySQL database

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    Here is the full text of our refund policy.

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    Please note:
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